Writing and art have long been my passions. Combining them,  I apply my knowledge and indulge my passion to produce quality works of eye-catching beauty.  Scroll down to see how we can help you.

Online  Marketing Graphics

Custom online banners for you within two weeks. 

Basic Package - $10

We'll design a static web banner for you. 2 size variations included.

Standard Package - $25

We'll design a static web banner for you. 3 size variations included.

Customized Logo Service

Let us design your custom branding logo! 
Get your own logo to show the world who you are and what you're about. 
Contact us to book yours today!
Premium logos start at only $500. What is your brand worth?


Pre-Made Covers


$30 eBook only 

$30 Matching Wrap (eBook cover must be purchased at the same time)

So, you can get both for only $60. If you purchase 3 or more at one time, you get a $5 discount on each additional cover (eBook or wrap).

$40 Premade Wrap 

Each cover is sold only once – first come, first serve.

How do you order?

  1. Pick the cover you like and reference it by its temporary title.

  2. Email me through the CONTACT page. Please include the temporary title along with your details for the book. (Author name, title, etc)

  3. Within 2 business days I’ll send you an updated version for preview and invoice the payment.

  4. Once you approve the design, and after payment is done, I’ll send you the final files.

  5. All payments go through PayPal. All sales are final.

  6. Up to 3 covers can be held for no more than 2 weeks without deposit and 4 weeks with a 50% non-refundable deposit.

  7. Don’t have a title or book for your cover? That’s okay. Once I receive you payment in full, your cover will be filed until you are ready, up to a year.

  8. When purchasing wraps, provide page count for proper size and spine or spineless covers.

  9. You like a wrap, but only want an eCover? Just say so! 

Custom-Made Covers

​How does it work?

Once an author contacts me about working on a cover, I send out some questions about the book, its plot, characters, mood, what the author likes or dislikes in other covers, etc. This helps me understand the author’s needs and allows me to make a better cover.

Then comes the deposit payment sent via Paypal invoice. After deposit, I take about 48 hours to make the first design concepts and send them to the author.

After I get feedback from the author, I can do another round of concepts if needed. If one concept works, we focus on typography and details to finish it up. Feedback from the author – even if, or especially if, the author doesn’t like something – I need to know. This is your cover to your book as well as my workmanship.


Note: For wrap covers, book dimensions and page count are needed for proper fit.